Project Cargo

Project Cargo

What you cannot measure that you cannot manage

Project Cargo requires great attention to detail, high level of Pre-planning and coordination. Project Cargo also comes with challenge of keeping it within the budget and meeting the timelines. We maintain efficiency in such challenging movements to eliminate the risks and reduce cost. Bringing it all together and integrity of the cargo is DahNay’s speciality.

For every Project Cargo movement, DahNay brings the top minds for these challenging cargos. Our global network allows you wide reach anywhere across the globe with reliable departures. We have the expertise and equipment to cater to your over sized cargo. What ever may be the size of your cargo, we can always fit it within your time and budget.

  • arrow_forward Planning with precision
  • arrow_forward Coordination of all transport components
  • arrow_forward Qualified Engineering Team
  • arrow_forward Erecting, Commissioning & Decommissioning
  • arrow_forward Lowest sustainable cost

We are the preferred choice because of our proven track record in Break Bulk and Project Cargo. Our strong IT team with qualified Engineers will provide real time status updates right from the quotation stage to the delivery stage. We provide end to end services in Project Cargo. With DahNay it is always safe and secure.

We deploy assets and experts throughout the journey of the cargo with ground level updates at every milestone of the journey. From designing the solutions to the final destination, we take you into confidence. Our experienced projects team comes with proper home work for every movement. Our knowledge on country labour laws and port management help you improve your metrics.

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