Customer Service

Customer Service

At DahNay Customer Service is not a department; It is the culture

We believe our customers are an integral part of our business. When we started our journey, we decided Customer Service is the primary department in DahNay Logistics. 150 + trained staffs handle all our customer queries in an able manner. Our Back-Office team will have every minute detail screened through a rigorous workflow process, thereby setting high standards of efficiency

Our Customer Service is equipped with best in class IT infrastructure augmented by strict security policies. An always ON high bandwidth leased line internet connection ensures we stay connected throughout the shipping journey. Our staff are trained at regular intervals on international laws, HSN codes, Tariffs, Duties and Drawbacks. We always strive to put the smile on the customer’s face.

  • arrow_forward Established escalation matric
  • arrow_forward Issues resolved within specified timelines
  • arrow_forward KRA’s aligned with customer objective
  • arrow_forward Electronic filing of all records
  • arrow_forward Seamless coordination from 20 global locations.

At DahNay our people are trained for the process. We take pride as a process driven company rather than a people driven company. We don’t sit back and relax. We monitor your shipments from the start to the finish. Our process is integrated with the right tools and we send instant alerts of the progress. Our inhouse repository of the knowledge helps you a seamless experience.

We maintain ledgers of all the metrics for each and every customer. These metrics help us to benchmark our efficiency and keep improving. We are glad that we were able to improve the performance for every shipment. We don’t complete the day without achieving a set milestone for every shipment we undertake. Cost arbitrage and service excellence is our motto.

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