Delivering a Cost-effective and Sustainable Logistics Solution for India's Largest Solar Panel Manufacturer

The solar energy industry has experienced tremendous growth in the last decade, with solar panel installations increasing by an average annual growth rate of 33%. As the demand for solar power continues to increase, efficient logistics solutions are critical to ensuring the timely and safe delivery of solar panels from production to consumer markets. This case study focuses on how DahNAY helped Asia's largest solar panel manufacturer overcome logistics challenges to deliver their products quickly, safely, and efficiently.

The customer

The customer is a leading solar panel manufacturer with manufacturing operations across Asia. They approached DahNAY for a unique logistics solution that could address their need for a cost-effective, fast, and safe shipping process.

The challenge was to ship a large volume of fragile solar panels directly from their origin to the company's gateways in the eastern part of the country, quickly and safely, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

The challenge

The customer faced several challenges, including long supply chains,  seasonal demand, and fragile cargo. The long supply chain resulted in a high risk of cargo damage, and the large volume of fragile solar panels made professional loading and unloading operations essential. The customer also needed a cost-efficient approach to logistics procurement, sufficient equipment supplies to navigate congestion, and timely delivery to meet their production timelines.

The solution
DahNAY provided a direct and multimodal shipment solution that included flexible schedules, shock tracking to monitor the package's movement, and sufficient equipment supplies to navigate congestion without the involvement of 3PL. With engineered packaging solutions, the cargo was shipped safely without any damage.
The result

All safety and quality requirements were met, and the shipment was delivered to the customer's doorstep on time and within budget. This approach resulted in significant cost savings on logistics and reduced carbon emissions by 70% and stable delivery throughout. 

With a dedicated global team, DahNAY ensured the safe and timely delivery of the customer's valuable cargo.

Fragile? Difficult to handle? Prone to breakage? High production cost? We deliver well and safe, at reduced price.

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